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Tess Beer, owner of TW Dogs and leader of the pack, manages the well organised mayhem, ensures that the treat tubs are fully stocked and that everyone goes home tired & happy!


Tess has been with the company since 2016. Prior to that her experience was in hospitality & restaurant management, events, as a photographer and finance department for a computer games company. Growing up on a farm; feeding, mucking out and even helping dogs, cats and cows give birth, coupled with her professional experience, has provided Tess with the skills and knowledge to further develop TW Dogs and turn it into the thriving dog day care that it is today.


A proud member of the Pet Industry Federation, Tess holds the OFQUAL level 3 Professional Qualification for Dog Day Care along with Canine First Aid and several other certificates in dog behaviour & training. She is passionate about all elements of dog welfare, nutrition, and wellbeing. Currently working towards the IMDT’s Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement certificate, Tess really enjoys being able to bring a deeper understanding of dog behaviour along with a positive training ethos to our day care environment, and this is reflected in how happy our dogs are.


In her spare time, Tess enjoys photography, baking, trips home to the Cotswolds and indulging the every whim of her two miniature Dachshunds Reggie & Stanley. She loves to travel, and is dreaming of relaxing under sunny skies in Ibiza!


A firm believer of if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life – Tess has finally found exactly that with her career here, realising her ambition to work with dogs.

Committed to ensuring that the Team and all of the dogs in our care have the best day out possible, Tess is dedicated to achieving this goal by inspiring the team and providing a safe, active and healthy environment for all.


Instagram @myselfieswithdogs




Day Care Manager


Lauren Hill, our Day Care Manager, ensures that everyone at TW Dogs has a fun, safe and secure environment to learn and play in whether they have four legs or two!


Lauren is in her fourth year with TW Dogs. Before working with us, another dog day care utilised her skills and calm nature for almost two years; this set Lauren on her journey within the dog care industry. She has always worked with animals, particularly horses, from working on a stud farm, then with the Riding for Disabled Association. Lauren also took her passion to America to teach horse riding to children there.


When not attending to the dogs’ every need, Lauren likes to find scenic walks, watch films and get her friends together to go to escape rooms. She is a massive thrill seeker and has even been known to jump out of a plane!


Lauren’s passion for dogs took a step up when beagle Barney came into her life. Absolutely houndsome, you will see him in her van at collections and drop offs in central Twickenham. He loves welcoming new dogs to day care, playing with his paw pals and is chief treat inspector though he really enjoys nothing more than a well-earned snooze on the sofa after a fun-filled day at the TW Dogs paddocks. During the working day, Lauren can be seen running the dogs over all of the different obstacles and agility equipment that we have. As TW Dogs' Fire Marshal and First Aider she is hoping to learn more about agility training in the coming months to add to her list of qualifications including her degree in Animal Management, IMDT's Canine Body Language course and the OFQUAL Level 3 Professional Qualification for Dog Day Care.


Lauren has seen TW Dogs grow phenomenally since she joined our small team during storm Gareth in 2019. Building connections and relationships with our members during her career with us, and welcoming new faces to our team and dogs to our collection routes has been especially rewarding for her. Lauren is dedicated to helping TW Dogs flourish and looks forward to the future and the many new fluffy faces she will meet.



Assistant Manager & Queen of Dogtivities

Amy Chapman, TW Dogs Assistant Manager, as well as Driver for our St Margaret's dogs, is always on hand for cuddles and to keep an eye on the mischief.


Amy joined the TW Dogs team early in 2021 and prior to that has worked in retail, childcare and as an independent dog walker. Amy grew up in Twickenham and now lives with her husband and their three gorgeous cats.


For as long as Amy can remember she has loved animals, so much so that aged just four years old she decided to become vegetarian! With her keen interest in dog behaviour and being happiest when outdoors, TW dogs is the perfect place to combine both of her passions. 


With her dedication and passion for canine enrichment, Amy is our ‘Queen of Dogtivities’ and loves nothing more than keeping the dogs happy and active. Keen to learn more about dog behaviour, Amy has completed several courses with the IMDT including Canine Body Language as well as the OFQUAL Level 3 Professional Qualification for Dog Day Care and a Canine First Aid course.


When it’s time to relax, Amy enjoys trips to the beautiful New forest where she can immerse herself in the glorious nature, coast and forests.


Devoted to fun and playtime, Amy is committed to ensuring that every dog in our care has the most enriching day possible.  


Instagram @twdogsamy


Day Care Assistant

Elena Thornton, our part time Day care assistant, lends a hand to collections/drop-offs, provides enrichment for the dogs, and most importantly gives those much needed puppy cuddles!


Elena has been a member of the team since 2019. She has always had a passion for animal welfare and when not working with the TW Dogs team, she works for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Old Windsor, as a Rehoming and Welfare Co-ordinator in the cattery. 


Before she joined both of these teams Elena graduated from The Royal School Of Needlework with a degree in Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors and Textile Art. From Burberry to McQueen, and Netflix’s ‘The Crown’, Elena spent most of her time producing ornate handmade creations for these companies.


Although art and design is a significant part of her life, Elena has always had a keen interest in animals and their wellbeing. It is important for her to see that every dog (and cat) is treated with kindness and respect. Whether that is an animal in need of medical help, comfort in a new situation or simply some time and space to themselves. 


Elena is a true believer that each animal should have choice and control in every situation. Some animals thrive with contact and constant socialising, whilst others are more independent and prefer their own company from time to time.  


When not surrounded by dogs and cats, Elena enjoys time cooking, baking and cuddles with her nephew, Max (and her pawphew, Swizzle the miniature Dachshund).  She is mum to 2 cats although is hoping one day to have her own pack of dogs: Ideally Golden Retrievers, Irish Wolfhounds and any other adorably large breeds that will fit in her dream cottage!  


Elena looks forward to welcoming you and your dog to the TW gang.


Day Care Assistant & Driver


After thirty years of corporate life, Neil hung up his suits in 2020 and followed his dream of working with dogs. In September 2021 that dream came true when he joined the TW Dogs Team as Day Care Assistant and Driver and he can be found collecting dogs through Strawberry Vale and Teddington. 


Having spent most of his career in marketing and general management roles within the airline industry and other service sectors, Neil brings a wealth of experience in service delivery, customer relationship building and operational excellence. “I really enjoyed my business career though was always drawn to doing something purely for the love of it, and now I am!”


Neil is fascinated by dog behaviour and last year attended the IMDT's dog trainer weekend course and most recently the IMDT Canine Body Language course.


Wearing shorts all year round (because he now can!), Neil is passionate about making the TW Dogs experience as enjoyable as possible for the dogs; helping them make new friends, learn new skills and becoming more rounded canines!


Neil lives in Teddington with his family, Gina the Hovawart and Lilly the adopted cat. During his spare time he enjoys playing tennis and golf and loves watching live sport; he is a season ticket holder at Fulham Football Club and a regular at Harlequins.

He loves frequenting Teddington’s pubs and restaurants as well as walking Gina in Bushy Park or along the river.


Team Leader

Amy-Leigh chauffeurs our Teddington dogs to and from our day care paddocks. Spending her days doing activities with the dogs, bonding with them and having cuddles too she is also very good at making the team laugh with her quick wit and sense of humour.


Joining the team with Level 2, Level 3 and Extended Level 3 Diplomas in Animal Management, Amy-Leigh has previously worked on a farm and at a zoo. She also spent time as a supervisor working in a hotel. She has loved animals for as long as she can remember. Visiting her grandparents in Devon was the perfect time to indulge her passion and do something with the animals. To her family’s amusement, young Amy-Leigh thought that every animal she saw was a cat, including hippos and rhinos – no matter what, they were always cats!


Especially interested in agility, nutrition, welfare and reward based training, Amy-Leigh has recently acheived the Level 3 Professional Day Care & Boarding Certificate awarded by the IMDT, along with a Canine First Aid course. Understanding and working with the dogs’ behaviours is an area that she finds particularly fascinating and rewarding. Amy-Leigh is dedicated to achieving her goals by gaining as much experience as possible.


When not taking care of the TW Dogs’ every need, Amy-Leigh enjoys spending time with her family, friends, her beloved cat Aurora and mischievous French Bulldog Loki.


She describes herself as a perfect mixture of breeds; crazy like a Frenchie, grouchy like a Chow, with the attitude of a terrier and the energy of a Labrador!


Instagram @amys.waggs


Day Care Assistant & Driver

Olly Rea, Day Care Assistant & Driver, collects dogs from the Fulwell and Bushy park area and loves photographing the action and with his passion for animal welfare and his loyal nature, he brings a gentle energy to TW Dogs.


Olly has been with the company since March 2021. His life with animals started very young as a farmer’s son in Wiltshire, hence the West Country accent which some of you may have noticed! Surrounded by animals from such a young age it was natural for Olly to want to build a career with animals. 


Olly studied Animal Science and Management at Lackham College. Most recently he was the ‘live in’ animal care assistant for the National Animal Welfare Trust. Olly has worked and volunteered in South Africa, Ecuador and for West Midlands Safari park and Bristol Zoo. His vast career working overseas and at home means that he is confident handling all varieties of creatures from small invertebrates, to horses and even rhinos.


With a passion for understanding more about animal behaviour, Olly particularly enjoys reward based training and working with the young dogs on their essential obedience tricks. Having recently completed IMDT’s Canine Body Language course, he’s keen to learn more.


Olly has seen first-hand the social progress a dog can make by coming to dog day care, especially confidence building for our nervous four legged friends from positive dog to dog interactions as well as human socialisation with the team. Olly loves to see these improvements and feels that being part of that change is incredibly rewarding. 


In his free time Olly enjoys travel and seeing live music (he loves rock). A big passion of his is visiting theme parks and he is learning to play guitar and to snowboard.


Olly loves being a member of TW dogs: “We are a team that bonds well, and we all enjoy our job passionately - what better job could you ask for? Looking after dogs and bonding with them and seeing them grow is such a great experience for me”. 


If Olly was a breed of dog, he would be a Springer Spaniel. He knows the breed well from working them on the farm and breeding them as well. Springers are hardworking, but crazy at times! They enjoy life to the full and are loyal and friendly – all qualities that Olly brings to work. Working with dogs is much more than just a job for Olly, he could not be happier than he is at TW Dogs.


Day Care Assistant & Driver

Day Care Assistant & Driver Faye covers our Hampton & Sunbury route. She loves to play with and entertain the TW Dogs and is also a big of fan of cuddles and giving those all important belly rubs and back scratches!


Faye joined us at the end of 2021. Before working with us, she began her canine career at an indoor dog day care. Faye’s previous roles are diverse and give her skills in many areas, from beauty therapy and hair dressing, to sports science, landscape gardening & decorating.


Gifted at quickly gaining the trust of timid dogs, Faye is enthusiastic to come to work after a weekend off to see her canine pals. Being happy in life is her overriding goal and working with the team and dogs here has been a dream come true for Faye. She is hoping to develop her skills with reward based training in the coming months and to study canine behaviour and body language. To one day foster or rehome and rehabilitate mistreated dogs would bring Faye deep fulfilment, gaining their trust and helping them learn that humans can be loving and that we do make wonderful companions.


An avid rugby player, Faye is keen to travel and see more of the world after spending several months in Australia in 2019. Quality time with her family is also important and Faye loves to get stuck into a good crime documentary!


The Labrador is the breed that Faye would most liken herself to; adaptable, easy to train and keen to learn, playful though also loves to relax!


Instagram @faye_twdogs



Day Care Assistant & Driver

Covering our East Twickenham route, Issy loves collecting the TW Dogs and caring for them each day. She is always up for lots of snuggles and fun with all the dogs! 


Issy worked in a management position within hospitality for the last three years. Before that she worked with horses as a stable hand. She has always loved being outdoors and also enjoys working with a large client base. As an equestrian, Issy has grown up outdoors. She has also been surrounded by dogs throughout her childhood and currently has two wonderful King Charles Spaniels Ollie and Milo.


Issy loves to focus on a dog's body language and learning more about each individual dog and catering to their own needs. She is keen to learn more about canine nutrition and what dogs need to help keep them in tip top shape!


Issy is excited to build a fantastic relationship with all of our members and be able to help their dogs flourish and succeed in so many different ways. She is driven by good teamwork, a supportive work environment and having a positive attitude to what she loves doing.


Spending most of her free time horse riding and competing at show jumping events, Issy also enjoys getting away with her family and friends. She is particularly fond of going to warm destinations to sunbathe all day long!


Being able to make connections with the dogs and seeing them grow and achieve their goals as they develop has been especially rewarding for Issy. She hopes her future career with animals will see her learning more about training and nutrition. Issy describes herself as most similar to a Labrador; keen and outgoing, kind and trusting.




Day Care Assistant & Driver

Amelia has joined our team in October 2022 to collect our West Twickenham dogs. Full bio coming soon!


Day Care Assistant

Assisting with collections and on hand for all the snuggles, Laura joined our team in Spring 2022. 


After a rewarding career in childcare, Laura knew that she wanted to pursue her dream of working with animals and returned to education to gain her Level 3 in Animal Management. She is keen to learn all she can about canine behaviour and is particularly interested in undertanding more about specific breed traits and catering to their needs. 


Day Care Assistant


Joining us in Spring 2022, Georgia can be found assisting the team with their collections around Twickenham and working the TW Dogs over and under our various activity ramps and platforms.


Georgia has always had a big love for animals since she was a little girl.

After finishing school Georgia studied Animal Care at Capel Manor College. Her work experience took her to Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, to a farm and also a Vets. After leaving college Georgia spent 3 years working at a pet store and at a dog groomers.

After dabbling in different industries she soon came to realise that a career with dogs was what she wanted to pursue. Georgia can’t believe her luck to be working at TW Dogs “with the amazing team and doggos!”


When not working Georgia is often spending time with her family, creating digital art, roller skating, playing computer games, listening to music and enjoying the great outdoors. Georgia has a crazy and cute black pug named Milo, who she adores and she also has two rescued Leopard Geckos, Kiwi and Mango.


Working at TW Dogs allows Georgia to learn more about our canine friends and to be outside with dogs and nature all day – “to me it can’t get any better than that!”. She is looking forward to her future working here at TW Dogs and to meeting you and your dogs with their brilliant and quirky personalities.

Georgia says that “rest assured, your furry friends are in the best care when coming to our paddocks and will have the best day filled with fun, treats and love” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Instagram @georgiatwdogs 


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