The TW Dogs Team


Day Care Assistant & Driver


Amy is at her happiest when in the company of animals. When she's not on hand for cuddles and playtime at TW Dogs, she is adoring servant to her two cats at home! 


"I love seeing the dog's owners and letting them know how much fun their dog has had - seeing the smile on their face means everything to me"








Tess grew up on a farm surrounded by animals and owning a business like TW Dogs has enabled her to fulfil her ambition of working with dogs.


''It's been my life's ambition to work with dogs. I'm passionate about all elements of dog welfare, nutrition and their wellbeing. I've really enjoyed being able to bring a positive training ethos to our daycare environment, and this is reflected in how happy our dogs are.

They make us smile everyday - I couldn't imagine a better career."






Team Leader

Lauren has lots of experience working with dogs, including at dog day cares. She's a natural when it comes to making sure the dogs are all having a good time.


'I love working with animals, and have worked with horses and dogs for many years.

TW Dogs has been the perfect place for me and my dog Barney. It's great to feel part of the community here. Seeing how happy the dogs are when they're here with us puts a smile on my face every day.'



Day Care Assistant

Elena is passionate about animal care and when not working for us part time, she also lends her skills to Battersea where she works as a rehomer in their cattery. 


Day Care Assistant & Driver

Kaiya has grown up surrounded by various animals and worked with them since her teens, first working with horses. It was here her passion was born and Kaiya decided to build her career with animals, most recently working with Vets. 


Kaiya really enjoys playtime and treat work with the TW Dogs. When she's not working, Kaiya can be found doting on her own pets at home, especially with her cat Luna!


Day Care Assistant & Driver

Animal lover Harley absolutely loves being surrounded by the TW dogs each day! She finds treat work and training incredibly rewarding, and she loves Spaniels! 


Harley's dog Daisy is blind, so she's great at reading body language and being intune with a dog's feelings. 


Day Care Assistant & Driver

Olly has built his career in animal care, from the bug house at Bristol Zoo to most recently at the animal welfare trust. 


Olly loves animals, and the great outdoors. TW Dogs is the perfect place for him!


Day Care Assistant

Jasmine adores animals and has owned everything from snakes and lizards to cats and dogs. She used to own a husky so is very fond of the big fluffy dogs. 


When Jasmine isn't working for us part time, she is busy making a range of fabulous candles. She says that TW Dogs "is her happy place"


Day Care Assistant & Driver

Amy-leigh is animal mad! From commiting to years of studying animals, even regularly volunteering at London Zoo, she is delighted to join the team at TW Dogs and has a new found love of Dachshunds.


Amy-Leigh has recently added a Frenchie puppy to her family though she has confessed that her favourite animals (other than dogs!) are sloths!

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