Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your paddocks?

We have 2 acres of private secure land in Chessington, that we have divided into paddocks, and we separate the dogs into appropriate playgroups depending on their age and activity level.

Do you have a separate area for puppies? 

We have two designated puppy paddocks where your pup will spend their days with us and likeminded friends.

Do I need to be home when you come? 

We are fully insured as key holders if you would like to provide us with keys for access when you are out, this works really well if you’re working from home too so that we don’t disturb you if you’re on important calls.

I only need occasional day care, can my dog still come to you? 

At TW Dogs we only provide care for regular dogs that we see each week, this way we are able to build a genuine connection with them. This helps us to gain the best knowledge and awareness of their individual personalities and needs, to ensure that they have the best day out possible.

What do you do when it rains? 

Come rain or shine, we are out having fun! We do have cosy cabins in each paddock to shelter from the worst of the weather. They are kitted out with beds and in the winter we have the gas heaters on.


We recommend a coat or trouser suit for most breeds to keep them dry on rainy days, and we wash the worst of the mud off with a warm shower before home time!

What do the dogs do all day? 

We have so much fun! As well as plenty of open space our paddocks have activity platforms, tunnels and A Frames. In the summer we have splash pools for fun and to stay cool! Our enrichment schedules mean that not only will your dog enjoy dogtivities and playtime, treat work and play with toys, they will also get that all important rest which is essential for growing pups and happy dogs! For puppies it’s quite regimented to ensure they are getting time to eat & sleep.

What happens on a trial day?

We will collect your dog as if it were a normal day care day and we will assess them for all different elements of day care from travelling in our vehicles to their interactions with the other dogs and the team.


We will update you as the day goes on to let you know how they are doing!

How do we become TW Dogs Members?

Once we have confirmed our availability in your area, we will need to send out our registration pack; two forms to complete and we also need to see a copy of your dog's up to date vaccination record.


Once we have received the documents and we have looked them over we will be able to book the trial day!

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